Screen shots

Here are some screen shots that highlight some of the features of iEat. Please note that some screens might be outdated as they were taken in older versions of iEat.

iEat Home (anonymous user) iEat Home (logged in user)
iEat Home (anonymous user): This is what you see when you first visit iEat. From here you can browse all the recipies currently in the database or login to access more features. iEat Home (logged in user): Once you log in you have access to more features, like adding your own recipes and updating your iEat account settings.
Browse all recipes alphabetically Viewing a recipe
Browse all recipes alphabetically: You can always browse all available recipes via the recipe index. Viewing a recipe: recipes are displayed in a clean and simple way.
Search for recipes by ingredients Rate recipes
Kitchen search: Besides a simple full-text search, you can search for recipes by any number of ingredients. This lets you find recipes you can make with what you have available in your kitchen. Rate recipes: once logged in you can rate any recipe on a 1 to 5 star scale.
Recipe using other recipes as ingredients Registering for iEat account
Recipe using other recipes as ingredients iEat supports recipes that use other recipes as ingredients. For example this screen shot shows a recipe that uses two other recipes, Mushroom Stock and Tart Dough as ingredients. When you generate a shopping list from recipe like this, the referenced recipe ingredients are added to your list, too. Registering for iEat account: In order to create your own recipes, you must register. Registration is easy.
Creating a new recipe, part 1 Creating a new recipe, part 2
Creating a new recipe, part 1: iEat supports multiple measurement systems. When you create a new recipe you choose what system the recipe uses (i.e. metric, US). Creating a new recipe, part 2: Creating a new recipe is simple to do. You just fill in the form, adding as many ingredients and instructional steps as needed.
Convert recipe measurement system Create meal plans
Convert recipe measurement system: For any recipe you can display it in an alternate measurement system. For example you can display a metric recipe using US measurements. Create meal plans: meal plans let you group multiple recipes together, and from there generate shopping lists.
Viewing a meal Generate a shopping list
Viewing a meal: Here you can see a meal plan that uses three recipes. Generate a shopping list: you can let iEat generate a shopping list of all ingredients for all recipes used in your meal. The list will consolodate all the ingredients from each recipe and display them in alphabetical order.
Import RecipeML files Importing recipe ingredients
Import RecipeML: you can import RecipeML recipes by simply uploading a RecipeML file. Importing recipe: while importing a recipe iEat helps you map the imported data to iEat values.
Export recipe files Add comments to recipes
Export recipes: you can export recipes as either RecipeML (good for sharing with other recipe programs) or as plain text (good for pasting in an email). Add comments: once logged in you can add comments to any recipe (even ones you did not create).
Advanced search Add image to recipe
Advanced search: once logged in you can use the advanced search form to search for recipes by any combination of a number of search criteria. This lets you find, for example, your favorite pie recipes (i.e. recipes rated higher than 3 that contain the phrase "pie"). Add image to recipes: you can add a GIF, JPEG, or PNG image to any recipe you create.
Recipe with image
Recipe with image: here is an example of a recipe with an image.