Download iEat

You can download and run iEat for free on your own web server. iEat has been tested extensively on Linux and Mac OS X. It also runs on Windows.


iEat is a 100% Java web application that requires a database backend. Currently the requirements are as follows:

Java 1.4
Get the appropriate Java SDK/JDK for your server platform. You can get this from Sun, IBM, or Blackdown.
PostgreSQL or MySQL database
iEat has been tested with both the 7.3, 7.4, and 8.0 series of PostgreSQL and 4.1 of MySQL. You can download PostgreSQL from or MySQL from

Note iEat could easily run in other databases. Anyone willing to help out in this fashion should contact
Java servlet container
iEat is distributed as a Java web application (WAR). To use this you'll need a servlet container to deploy it into. iEat has been extensively tested with the Tomcat 5 server. Any J2EE servlet container should work, however.


You can download iEat from Sourceforge. The binary package (named like ieat-1.0.0.tbz2) contains the iEat WAR along with instructions for getting your installation going for the first time. The source package (named like ieat-1.0.0-src.tbz2) contains all iEat's source code.

For installation instructions look in the README file that comes in each distribution.

Live Demo

As an alternative to the normal iEat package, download the Live Demo package for a complete, pre-configured iEat package which you can run without any setup or requirements other than a Java JDK 1.4 or later. This can give you a good idea of how iEat works and be used as a starting point for configuring iEat for your own use.